Our Top 5 Selling Magic Mushroom Strains and Why

Our Top 5 Selling Magic Mushroom Strains and Why

Magic Mushrooms have been in existence and used for centuries. The hallucinogenic substances are used for medicinal treatments and enjoyment purposes. Terence and his brother, Dennis, discovered shrooms and wrote of their awakening from his journals in the book, True Hallucinations. He is the icon for the shrooms movement. These wild naturally occurring substances are believed to boost brain connectivity, slow brain activity, and cast away the brain’s fear. This blog article lists our five best-selling shrooms strains.


1. Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms are the most popular and common strains of shrooms. It’s a favourite amongst psychonauts around the world for its profound psychedelic journey. Its name, ‘Golden Teachers,’ is derived from the ability to teach by giving transcendence and unveiling the universe’s hidden mysteries. They are characterized by their golden caps with specks of yellow. They have larger stems and caps with a dash of elegance in them. Shroomers mostly use this strain of Psilocybin Cubensis origin because it has an air of mystery. The dosage varies depending on the effects you are looking to achieve. They are preferred for newbies in their psychedelic journey. It gives a desirable trip, and it gives one a deeper connection to nature while boosting brain connectivity.


2. Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

It is believed that Penis Envy shrooms originated from South America. It has a penis-like structure and gives more substantial effects than the average Cubensis mushrooms. People think it provides psychedelics a transcendental intelligence, multi-dimensional transitioning to provide you with a more revealing aspect of life. Some say it gets rid of the egotistical elements one may have. It provides a gateway to how best to connect with your inner self, heightens the senses, and offers more clarity. Many say, if used just right, it would be the healing technique for most of our psyche problems.

The Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms is known to be one of the strongest and hard hitting. It is not recommended for first time users. This strain is special and expects a transformative experience.


3. Arenal Volcano Magic Mushrooms

The Arenal Volcano mushrooms have been used indigenously by the Costa Rican community. As its name states, it is found at the Arenal Volcano foot in Costa Rica, between the Pacific and Atlantic waters. They are characterized by golden caps and long variety shaped stems that are thought to give warm energy and spiritual enlightenment. You are bound to connect to nature due to its origin. It also provides a deeper connection to self and feelings of love and social relationship. These Cubensis mushrooms are thought to treat depression due to their intense effects on the brain to heighten senses. This makes it one of the potent mushrooms.


4. Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms

Black spores and white caps characterize Blue Meanies shrooms. The blue staining from top to bottom makes it recognizable. It thrives in tropical climates. It is known for the rich psilocybin content. Its high potency is one that is responsible for an out of body experience. You connect with what is around you and can even lead to hallucinations of a commonly known man, Octopi; they are used mostly by entertainment and thrill junkies and are not recommended to persons with psychotic tendencies.


5. Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms

Albino A+ is a prolific fruiter with breath-taking pins, deep purple spores, and inverted golden caps covered with warts. It has larger and heavier fruit than most mushrooms. Its spores can be used to re-grow it again. It is part of the Psilocybin Cubensis family, commonly known as the magic mushrooms. They grow throughout Southeast Asia, Central, and South America. The strain causes a trip that acts immediately on consumption, and cognitive and physical effects are evident. They are not necessarily a more potent strain but are dependent on how much is consumed at a go. Those who have partaken in the strain share their trips as one filled with relaxation and intense feelings. There are reports of enhancing concentration, moods, decrease stress levels, happiness, and clarity. There have been reports on how patients with OCD have reduced their symptoms when they take this strain. The high potency in them is due to their leucism as compared to non-albino species.

These various strains give memorable trips to the consumers, so they sell far and wide. However, there are adverse effects such as dizziness, nausea, increased heart rate, and blood pressure, which should not be overlooked.


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5 Must-Read Magic Mushroom & Psychedelic Books

How to Change Your Mind What the New Science of Psychedelics by Michael Pollan

Psychedelic study refers to the process of equipping yourself with the knowledge on an array of experiences, including changes of perception such as synaesthesia, hallucinations, altered consciousness, and changes in thought patterns, trance states, mystical states, and any other mind alterations.

Magic Mushroom research and study has become popular over the years, and the best way to get the most relevant knowledge in this field will require excellent resource materials. Timothy Leary is the icon behind advocating using drugs to treat psychological issues rising from such patients. The information from the psychedelic books shed some light on how psychedelic drugs are used to heal depression. Simultaneously, it depicts how these tactics, if not used carefully executed, can be harmful, leading to addictions and behavioural change.

Here are some of the must-read books to look out for when familiarizing yourself with magic mushrooms and psychedelics:

1. How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics by Michael Pollan

How to Change Your Mind is a No. 1 New York Times best-seller. Michael Pollan was initially interested in knowing how these substances could treat certain psychological diseases, but in his research, he discovered how it could even improve the lives of healthy people. He shares the journey he travels in the subconscious trance states to unlock the diversities the brain can reach. In his work, he clarifies the world-known myths that have been passed over for centuries. Pollan illuminates it all based on science, socio-cultural effects, and history.


2. Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion by Michelle Janikian

In a world filled with misinformation surrounding psychedelic drugs, it can be hard to give a clear disparity of fact from fiction. In the book, Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion, Janikian focuses on shedding some light on mushrooms with their effects. She gives a unique and easy guide on how to venture into the appropriate use of these natural substances. She gives vivid descriptions of the trips one is likely to have, which give an out of body experience into multidimensional universes. The trances one unlocks when enjoying the high is unimaginable. Exploration of how various doses can boost your mood, brain functionality, imagination, and much more. The author aims at curbing myths and misconceptions associated with the experience it gives.


3. The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert

This book, The Psychedelic Experience, shares texts that aids in bringing the reader into a world of spiritual consciousness by combining psychedelic drugs and meditation techniques used in Tibet. It draws its roots from the ancient manuscript, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, focusing on the psychedelic point of view. It paints the picture of ego death due to high doses of psychedelic drugs such as LSD and mescaline, which led to the total loss of identity and utter transcendence. The authors of this book conducted immense initial research on LSD at Harvard, and many psychonauts consider this book as the doorway to the knowledge of such experience.


4. Consciousness Medicine by Françoise Bourzat with Kristina Hunter

Consciousness Medicine sheds light on the importance of balance regarding psychedelic drugs and traditional healing rituals for psychotherapy. In modern-day experiences with these substances, there has been a tendency to separate the drugs and the shamanic techniques used in the olden days to provide healing and transformation for those who need it. Bourzat uses her vast experience in counselling to share the detailed model for the preparation, journey, and integration of the healing rituals. The purpose is to intentionally execute and explore the various states of consciousness in mind with the aid of these substances.


5. The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley

The Doors of Perception shares an in-depth voyage of when Aldous Huxley took a psychedelic substance, mescaline, obtained from peyote cactus. It draws the roadmap of how the effects of the drug were to his state of consciousness. The detailed journals shared by Huxley have broadened the way people share their experiences when medicated on these drugs. The poetic, philosophical, spiritual, and psychological manner he tells his story only makes the study into this field intriguing to explore. From the late 50s to date, the account has been vivid in the mind of most readers of this book.


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6 Magic Mushrooms Trip Levels You Should Know About

Magic Mushrooms Trip Levels You Should Know About

Magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms, are kinds of fungi that are mostly consumed for the hallucination effects that they contain. The plants occur naturally in the environment, and they are found in a group of drugs called psychedelics. They are associated with some changes which are experienced in the way one thinks, feels, and even the manner in which one perceives things. The main content in these magic mushrooms is psilocybin. When taken into the body, it is converted into psilocin. It is a chemical in nature containing psychoactive properties. There are generally six magic mushroom trip levels one must know. These levels are a manner of describing your trip and its intensity. For instance, level-one is said to be a low-level trip, and level five is a high-level trip. These levels depend on the percentage concentration of psilocybin. This blog article talks about the six magic mushroom trip levels you should know about. Dosage below is a general suggestion as effects will vary from person to person depending on your weight and experience with shrooms. It usually takes around 10-30 minutes before you’ll notice effects after consuming dried shrooms and can last up to 4-6 hours.


Trip Level 0: Microdosing

The first magic mushroom trip level is called Microdosing. Under this level, a sub-perceptional dose of the drug is integrated into your body. It induces your body to show creativity to a higher degree. It accelerates energy quantity, improves focus, besides improving your relational skills. Mushroom microdose is when you take a very low dosage of psilocybin or psilocin mushrooms, so low in fact that won’t feel any of the full-body effects but you will still unlock the potential of your mind. You should take in a required dosage, which is usually 0.1- 0.5 grams. Microdosing mushrooms of this substance can treat alcohol as well as tobacco dependence, apart from curing end-of-life anxiety.


Trip Level 1: Happy Go Lucky (Mini-Dose)

Happy go lucky is the second trip level. This level comes with feelings that may be positive since the connections of the cerebral hemisphere alter. It may be followed by music becoming deeper and colors turning brighter. This makes your environment and settings tangible since your senses open up. At this trip level, you become honest not only with yourself but also to your friends or people around you. You are needed to take in about 0.75 – 1 grams of dried mushrooms and do not overdose.


Trip Level 2: Beginner’s Paradise (Museum Dose)

Trip level two is usually referred to as Beginner’s Paradise. This level comes with hallucinogenic feelings, which makes you see objects moving and coming to life along with geometrical forms when you close your eyes. This level makes you feel and see non-living things or objects “breathing.” It may become difficult to concentrate and communicate. Your creativity level is also increased. The recommended quantity is about 1 – 1.5 grams of dried shrooms.


Trip Level 3: Classic Psychedelic Trip (Moderate Dose)

There is another magic mushroom trip level called classic psychedelic trip or moderate dose. At this level, 1.5 – 2.5 grams of dried mushrooms is taken in. All things around you look and seem changed or distorted. Sometimes you can see patterns on walls, faces, objects, among other things. You no longer see subtle flashes. It feels it’s happening in real. This trip level is best taken in safe settings and the environment with your close comrades, and it enables you to make fun memories.


Trip Level 4: Flying with the Stars

The second last trip level is level four. It is called “flying with the stars.” At this stage, very great hallucinogenic feelings engulf you. Sometimes you may find yourself in a virtual world as there is no reality because, at this phase, you lose it. Your mind expands, and you find life changed and altered. Things start morphing. This dosage is taken but only with ones who have great experiences. Besides the above experiences at this level, you cannot comprehend time since it loses meaning to you. You need to take the right dose at this level too. The recommended quantity is about 3 – 4 grams of dried shrooms.


Trip Level 5: Total Loss (Mega Dose)

Lastly, level five is known as the level of “total loss or mega dose.” The right dosage is 5 grams or more of dried mushrooms. At this stage or trip level, one loses complete connection with reality. It becomes very difficult to understand or explain. There are many more hallucinations than all of the earlier trip levels. The real universe stops to exist. Time and space are highly distorted. There is no logic at any point to you at this phase. You even go to the extent of losing your identity. Your body senses do not work normally. This trip level five, just like trip level four, is best for people with high experience with shrooms.



In conclusion, the magic mushroom trip levels above have different features. Each is associated with its own unique experience. It is upon you to know and decide what you require and go for the best trip level that fits your needs. Get to commemorate each of the magic mushroom trip levels thoroughly before you venture into using the same. By doing that, you will manage to overcome any negative effects that may occur due to the intake of wrong dosage.


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Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms – Everything You Need to Know

Champignons magiques Golden Teacher

Research shows that Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms have been in existence for a long time. From the scientific context, the naming of an organism follows the characteristics of that organism. The same has been articulated in the naming of this mushroom. It is described to be have wide shining gold yellow caps. More so, a combination of the wise teaching associated with these mushrooms is the reason behind its naming. Golden Teacher shrooms have a long history of being associated with self-discovery and spiritual experiences.

It is important to note that the Golden Teacher magic mushroom strain has been considered a favorite of cultivators for years. The consideration of this take comes from the fact that the mushroom glows in great flushes. This reason alone makes cultivator love them more. On the other hand, psychonauts also love Golden Teacher mushrooms because the psychedelic journey of the shroom is considered to have a more profound impact. The mushroom strain is a psilocybe cubensis, a psychedelic mushroom species. There are many active elements in the Golden Teacher magic mushroom, but the most active elements are psilocin and psilocybin. Additionally, the P. Cubensis species can prove to be the most well-known psilocybin mushroom; the reason behind this is that their distribution is wide because of it’s popularity and the easier capability to cultivate them.



There is some historical linkage that is connected to Golden Teacher shrooms. They are said to be the origin explainer of magic mushrooms. To start with, some people believe that the mushroom was first found growing in Florida; this was the first appearance in the mid-1980s. The story spread fast, especially following the golden cap’s prevalence that had yellow speckles on top of it. Compared with other known species, the Golden Teacher shroom is said to be more elegant and large in appearance. Another relation of origin of the Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom speculates that the Golden Mushroom was a Hawaiian PES that was renamed by a glower from Dutch.



Characteristics drive an organism’s specialty; there exist characteristics that make the Golden Teacher Mushroom. It is indicated that after the first flush, the mushroom is medium-sized. Later the flushes increase their sizes of caps and fatness too. The cap usually measures 5 cm in diameter with a pretty plane after the establishment of growth to the fullest. Another critical characteristic of Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom is that their fruiting is relatively slower than other Psilocybe Cubensis. Though it should be noted that the slow fruiting of the Golden Teacher mushroom derives another characteristic of their ability to grow in less optimal conditions, this condition makes them become the most favorite species, especially for first-time growers.


How Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Can Be Used

The growth of Golden Teacher mushrooms demands special technical education for optimization of yield. Generally, there are two primary ways of growing magic mushrooms. The first option is by the use of the Golden Teacher Mushroom grow kit. The method is most preferred when the cultivators have an idea of having fast and easy growth. In this option of cultivation, the cultivator is not subjective to yield optimization. The second method of cultivation includes the cultivator who is willing to customize the cultivation process that aims to optimize the yield output. The method involved is Golden Teacher spores.

The most interesting fact about Golden Teacher mushrooms, they are perfect deliverers of mildly psychedelic effect. This acts as the gateway for the newbie mushroom. Also, their shamanistic properties are great contributors to their popularity. A common dose is between 1 grams to 2.5 grams, or 2.5 grams to 5 grams for a strong dose. A dosage calculator is found in EROWID’s dosage calculator.


Common Problems

Studies indicate that while magic mushrooms are mainly seen as a peaceful high, the shrooms have been found to induce frightening hallucinations, anxiety, confusion, and paranoia. Research further states that most of those admitted to hospitals (very rare) concerning the use of magic mushrooms are linked to what is said to be a colloquially bad trip. Its use can cause emotional and mental problems. Most adolescents take it combined with other drugs and alcohol, increasing physical and psychological use.

It can be hard to identify the intensity, length, and “trip” type one will experience. This is because the amount of psilocin and psilocybin in any magic mushroom is not known. The research argues that consuming magic mushroom can lead to a mild trip, making the user feel drowsy to an experience which is frightening characterized by panic, delusions, and hallucinations. Additionally, convulsions can result in the worst scenario of magic mushroom consumption.

Just because magic mushrooms have a long history of safe use where fatalities from overdoses are virtually unheard of, it doesn’t mean they can’t give you a bad experience. To enjoy and get the maximum benefits from psychedelics you must approach them with respect. Here are 10 mistakes a lot of newbies (and sometimes even experienced shroomers) make you’ll want to avoid.


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Why Microdosing Mushrooms is Becoming Popular

Why Microdosing Mushrooms is Becoming Popular

Microdosing is taking a small dose of hallucinogens like psilocybin mushrooms and psilocin to improve a person’s mood, influence physical and mental stimulation, and motivate creative thinking. Microdosing was discovered when drug users shared the effects the hallucinogen had on them on the internet; hence medical practitioners were interested in its use. They held online community forums and participated in psychedelic information message boards to share their ideas. They did scientific tests with people who were microdosing to prove if the claims were right. After the tests, it was discovered that the chemical psilocybin bound to receptors for the neurotransmitters serotonin. The receptors involved in the brain areas control reflection, imagination, and the ability to evaluate ideas and feelings.

Most people claimed that when taken in small amounts, it made them feel more productive and focused on their work; hence they become more productive in what they do. Microdosing shrooms was used by people of all ages, from tech industry employees, middle-aged parents with kids to high-ranked corporate executives in renowned companies. It has been noted that taking small doses under a qualified doctor’s guidance could cure some psychological issues like anxiety and depression.

The Many Health Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms

Microdosing mushrooms is becoming very popular because people depend on small doses of psychedelics to live normal lives trying to escape reality and the stressful daily hustle. People microdose because it gives them a sense of courage, makes them more empathetic because they can relate with other people freely, the numerous positive effects it has on them, and how it improved their lives. Shrooms is micro-dosed by college students because it helps make their minds more alert; thus, they can study for their exams and think critically. Research has shown that psilocybin have the potential to treat alcohol and tobacco addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder because they make a person feel less worried about what is around them. Psilocybin mushrooms given in large doses provides relief from serious chronic psychiatric conditions because hallucinogens tamper with an individual’s senses.

Microdosing improves a person’s moods; hence they become positive about life; they are more emotional and can receive spiritual insights. Focus on what a person does is improved as a person concentrates more, is more attentive, is more open-minded, creative, and engages with people easily. Hence, it improves social life. Self-efficacy is improved as it increases confidence, self-care, and helps a person be more aware of living healthy. Hallucinogens make a person more alert and active. Also, it brings out a sense of empathy, connection with other people, and the need to talk to other people. It enhances senses, cardiovascular persistence, quality sleep, and reduces headaches.

Microdosing is becoming very common because it is used by young people who are in college to study for their exams for it makes them more attentive. In contrast, older people use it to feel more relaxed because it gives a person a positive mindset. Also, it makes someone feel confident and boosts their social life. The effects on the body are caused by psilocybin bounding to neurotransmitters serotonin. Serotonin receptors are used in some parts of the brain to control the ability to think and imagine, which makes the mind more alert as it helps people concentrate more, be open-minded and creative.

A person’s self-efficacy is improved because they feel more confident in themselves and are aware of their body’s value, thus opt to eat healthy foods. Also, it helps people live hygienically as they fear that they may get sick. Magic Mushrooms helps people become more empathetic and emotional; thus, they easily connect with others. Also, it reduces headaches, gives a feeling of relaxation, and improves sleep. Huge doses give relief to severe chronic psychiatric disorders because they affect a person’s senses.

How to Microdose Mushrooms?

Dr. Fadiman recommends taking one microdose every 3 days to prevent changes of tolerance over time. Take 1 microdose pill (Ie. Spore Wellness or Neuro Botanicals) each morning with breakfast. Try that for a couple weeks or a month.

If you find that Dr. Fadiman’s approach is not providing the desired effects, try the following method. Similar to Dr. Fadiman’s approach but instead of every 3 days, microdose every other day. Microdoses are taken 3-4 times per week. Take 1 microdose pill (Ie. Spore Wellness or Neuro Botanicals) each morning with breakfast.

There’s also the Workaholic’s Approach. This plan is geared towards individuals looking for high performance at work and creative fields. We recommend this approach to be used after having tried Dr. Fadiman’s approach. This method requires a daily microdose during the week and weekends are left open for recovery to baseline, in case of changes in effect over time. Take 1 microdose pill (Ie. Spore Wellness or Neuro Botanicals) each morning with breakfast.

Canada’s Online Magic Mushrooms Dispensary

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5 Reasons to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

5 Reasons to Buy Magic Mushroom Online in Canada

Magic mushrooms, also known as Psilocybin mushrooms, are among a group of fungi which is comprised of psilocin and psilocybin. It has several health benefits. They are mostly found in Central and South America. When consumed, they affect the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which plays a vital role in mood and perception. This part regulates abstract thinking and thought analysis. Magic mushrooms are also known for holistic healing. They are also used as natural supplements to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and other medical applications. Due to these mushrooms’ medical properties, people have become aware of their many benefits, and online shops that specialize in magic mushrooms have now grown increasingly popular. This article shares reasons to buy magic mushrooms online.

#1. Convenience

First, it is convenient because you can easily pick several products and add them to your cart with just a few clicks. It is easy to search for what you want by searching for the items you want to shop. There are plenty of filters for convenience that enables one to easily search for what you want and get the shroom’s specific species. Not only that, delivery is done within a few days and therefore no delays. It also saves time – you can add a lot to your cart and therefore get larger quantities just at your home’s comfort. Purchasing these products one by one would consume a lot of time. Hence, buying it online in Canada is convenient.

#2. Best Rates

Online shopping offers the best rates. Purchasing magic mushrooms online enables one to purchase them at the desired price range as shops specialized in bringing them to you directly. Also, shopping online gives you adequate time to conduct research and compare the prices before finalizing and placing your order. You can look at different shrooms’ strains and compare the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Aside from that, purchasing mushrooms online also saves your anonymity. This keeps your purchase private, unlike going to buy physically, where people visit to make a purchase.

#3. Larger Variety of Products

Shopping online also gives you the advantage of accessing a wider variety of dried magic mushrooms, microdose products, and edibles without having to visit multiple stores in a day. Also, buying from quality stores ensures you get high-quality products at good rates that you would probably not get anywhere else.

#4. Saving Cost & Time

Shopping for magic mushrooms online saves transportation costs because online shopping does not include gas expenses. You can order several products and get them delivered to your doorstep within days and thus avoid transportation expenses. And remember, it’s safer to get your magic mushrooms online than to go and meet your ‘shrooms guy.’

#5. Available 24/7

Shopping magic mushrooms online gives you the advantage of getting to shop at any time you want since shopping is available 24-hours a day. This is not like in the stores because stores are only open during the daytime. One may not have adequate time to go to the stores during day time because of commitments. Online shopping is better because you don’t need to wait in queues. You need to add what you want to shop in the cart and proceed towards the checkout instead of waiting in long queues.

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Is it Safe to Mix Antidepressants with Psilocybin Mushrooms?

magic mushrooms antidepressants

Psilocybin is a highly effective chemical in treating depression is a pretty well-accepted fact around medical circles. Thanks to the positive results that clinical trials have yielded, Medical professionals are now embracing psychedelics as an alternative to treating depression and other mental health conditions.

The only problem is those who stand to gain most from this development are patients who are already on prescribed antidepressants. It’s a catch 22 situation because they can’t automatically switch to psilocybin – or other psychedelics, for that matter– without risking their mental health. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information out there on how psychedelics affect people with a history of antidepressant use.

A lot of research still needs to be done to figure out how psychedelics interact with antidepressants, especially those that contain selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). SSRIs happen to be the most widely prescribed antidepressants, making up almost 80% of the antidepressant market.

Serotonin Receptors – where it all happens

One thing we know for sure is that both SSRIs in antidepressants and psilocybin in magic mushrooms have an effect on serotonin receptors in our brain. Serotonin is a “feel-good” hormone that’s produced in our brain, which is responsible for our overall sense of well-being. By attaching to these receptors psilocybin alters brain function and elevates our mood when we consume shrooms.

SSRIs, on the other hand, increase the levels of serotonin in the brain when they block this hormone from being absorbed into the neurons. This means that when SSRIs and psilocybin meet in the brain there’s a chance that SSRIs could blunt the effect of psilocybin, making it difficult to treat depression.

There’s a second school of thought that says taking psilocybin mushrooms while on an SSRI antidepressant can lead to overstimulation of your brain due to a temporary surge in levels of serotonin there – a condition known as serotonin syndrome. Some psilocybin treatment retreats do not accept visitors who are on SSRI treatment, or any other prescription medicine, because of how seriously they consider this risk to be.

It’s also not clear whether tapering off antidepressants can restore the full effects of a psilocybin trip on patients receiving magic mushroom therapeutic treatment. Experts such as Dr. Julie Holland, a New York-based psychopharmacologist, feel that past use of SSRIs could still hinder the effectiveness of psychedelic-assisted treatment even years after the patient has stopped taking antidepressants.

What about other antidepressants?


Like SSRIs, Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs) also act by boosting serotonin, although they also increase the levels of noradrenaline- a stress hormone – in the brain. There’s a good chance that SNRIs can have an overlapping effect when combined with psilocybin. However, there haven’t been any formal reports showing negative effects of taking SNRI in combination with psilocybin.

The opposite sometimes appears to be the case, with SNRIs seemingly reducing the effects of psychedelics. Nonetheless, SNRIs shouldn’t be mixed with psilocybin until there’s enough research to prove such a combination is harmless.


Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) is another category of antidepressants that’s sometimes used to treat anxiety disorders. They help boost the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, by preventing their breakdown. Considering that MAOIs alter the levels of serotonin in the brain, there’s a good chance that mixing them with psilocybin can result in negative effects like serotonin syndrome. It’s therefore best that the two are not mixed.


TCAs are Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs) or Tetracyclic Antidepressants (TeCAs), another class of antidepressants that are less commonly used in the Western world. That’s because they’ve been overtaken by SSRI and SNRIs – the third generation antidepressants.

Again, TCAs and TeCAs work pretty much the same as SNRIs, where they increase serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain. But they’re also much less selective as to which receptors they work on, which makes mixing them with psilocybin very dangerous because of the numerous side effects they cause. SSRIs have also been reported to cause fatalities due to their effects on the heart, which only makes the case for not mixing them with psychedelics stronger. Also, the fact that Lithium is commonly administered in combination with TCAs, it’s not advisable to mix TCA based antidepressants with psychedelics as it can result in heart attacks or fatal seizures associated with Lithium.

Tapering off antidepressants to take psychedelics

For patients to experience the benefits of psychedelics they may need to taper off antidepressants. However, tapering off antidepressants can be risky and patients shouldn’t try it before consulting a qualified doctor. Stopping your antidepressant medication at once can lead to severe side effects like insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, irritability and even physical effects like diarrhea and flu-like symptoms. It can also evoke suicidal feelings; the long and short of it is that it’s probably not worth doing even when you consider the positive effects of a psychedelic trip.


Although psilocybin has been proven to be highly effective in treating depression and other mental issues, it’s not advisable to take psilocybin if you’re already on antidepressants. If you decide to go off antidepressants you should be really careful about how you do it and be sure to consult a qualified doctor to advise you on how to go about it.

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10 erreurs à éviter lors d'un voyage sur les champignons magiques

10 erreurs à éviter lors d'un voyage sur les champignons magiques

Ce n'est pas parce que les champignons magiques ont une longue histoire d'utilisation sûre, où les décès par overdose sont pratiquement inconnus, qu'ils ne peuvent pas vous faire vivre une mauvaise expérience. Pour profiter des psychédéliques et en tirer le maximum de bénéfices, vous devez les aborder avec respect.

Voici 10 erreurs que beaucoup de débutants (et parfois même de shroomers expérimentés) font que vous voudrez éviter :


1. Déclenchement dans le mauvais milieu

L'endroit où vous choisissez de consommer vos champignons magiques est tout aussi important que le dosage lui-même. Si vous trébuchez dans un environnement non contrôlé sans supervision professionnelle, vous devez faire tout ce qui est en votre pouvoir pour éliminer toute source d'inconfort, de distraction ou d'agitation. Vous risquez également moins de faire un mauvais voyage si vous vous trouvez dans un endroit sûr, familier et confortable comme votre salon ou votre chambre à coucher. Vous pouvez également trouver utile de régler les lumières et de vous assurer que l'endroit n'est ni trop chaud ni trop froid. Une musique de fond douce peut produire des vibrations positives.


2. La surconsommation, notamment de produits comestibles

Décider de la quantité de champignons que vous devez prendre et mesurer les quantités, peut être une question délicate. Notre dicton favori, ici au Magic Mushrooms Dispensary, est qu'il vaut toujours mieux pécher par excès de prudence. Si vous êtes incertain et inexpérimenté, commencez lentement avec une microdose de, disons, 0,5 g, puis remplissez à nouveau une fois que vous avez atteint le pic. 2 à 3 grammes de champignons séchés sont considérés comme une dose de trip complète, et vous ne voulez pas faire une dose complète lorsque c'est votre première fois parce que vous ne serez peut-être pas capable de gérer la puissance du champignon. Si vous prenez des produits comestibles comme des choconautes au chocolat ou des gélatines, vous devez être très prudent. Les effets sont plus longs à se manifester, mais plus intenses que ceux des champignons séchés. Il faut donc attendre que les choses se gâtent avant de mettre une autre gomme dans votre bouche.


3. Voyager avec la mauvaise compagnie

La personne avec laquelle vous voyagez est un élément important de votre décor. Les meilleures personnes avec qui partager votre expérience des champignons magiques sont celles qui comprennent ce que signifie un voyage psychédélique. Ils doivent être capables de vous comprendre pendant vos périodes d'exaltation ou de dépression, comme lorsque vous vous purgez. Être en compagnie de personnes bruyantes qui se moquent de vous lorsque vous ressentez un malaise n'est pas seulement un gaspillage de bons champignons, cela pourrait transformer votre expérience en quelque chose de mauvais que vous voudrez oublier à jamais.


4. Prendre des champignons avec de l'alcool ou d'autres drogues

Les champignons à psilocybine sont des substances très puissantes qui altèrent l'esprit. Lorsqu'ils sont pris en combinaison avec de l'alcool, de la caféine ou d'autres hallucinogènes, il ne peut y avoir qu'une seule issue : le désastre. La prise d'alcool avant ou pendant votre trip à la psilocybine peut provoquer des nausées, de la paranoïa, des crises de panique et même des épisodes de violence. D'autres drogues, en particulier les drogues synthétiques, peuvent avoir des conséquences encore pires, comme une visite aux urgences. Ce sont ces actions imprudentes qui donnent à une drogue merveilleuse comme la psilocybine une mauvaise réputation, et vous ne voulez probablement pas faire cela. Si vous voulez intensifier votre voyage, prenez vos champignons par petites doses. Vous finirez par obtenir le high que vous désirez. Si vous allez mélanger des champignons avec de l'herbe, assurez-vous que le moment est bien choisi, sinon vous risquez de faire un long bad trip.


5. Être dans le mauvais état d'esprit

Avant de prendre des champignons magiques, assurez-vous que vous êtes dans le bon état d'esprit. Le fait d'être positif et détendu, plutôt que d'être anxieux à propos de l'expérience, peut déterminer si vous avez fait un bon ou un mauvais voyage. Les champignons ont la faculté d'amplifier vos pires craintes, ce qui signifie que toute pensée sombre avant que vous ne preniez les champignons risque de se traduire par un mauvais trip. Si vous êtes déjà ennuyé ou anxieux à propos de quelque chose, reportez votre voyage jusqu'à ce que vous soyez suffisamment calme pour supporter les champignons. Surtout, ne prenez pas de champignons magiques si vous devez vous rendre à une réunion importante ou à un entretien d'embauche.


6. Stimulation excessive

Ce n'est pas un secret que nos cerveaux deviennent hyper-connectés lorsque nous trébuchons sur des champignons magiques. Des études ont montré que la psilocybine a la capacité de perturber les réseaux de communication dans notre cerveau et de reconnecter différentes régions qui ne se parlent généralement pas. C'est ce qui nous fait passer par des changements de perception comme les illusions, la perte du sens du temps et la synesthésie - entendre des images et ressentir des sons. Si vous vous trouvez dans un environnement où il y a des bruits forts et des couleurs très vives - comme dans une boîte de nuit ou dans la rue - cela peut surstimuler votre cerveau déjà hyper-sensible et provoquer une fusion. Le mieux est de rester à l'intérieur dans un environnement calme et détendu.


7. Pas assez d'hydratation

On ne le dira jamais assez. Le voyage et l'eau potable vont ensemble comme les pois et les carottes. C'est parce que le fait de trébucher a des effets secondaires, comme la sécheresse de la bouche. Vous pouvez aussi avoir des sueurs froides pendant votre voyage et vous devrez reconstituer l'eau que votre corps perd. Il est également conseillé de prendre des boissons contenant du sucre, car elles peuvent réduire l'intensité de votre trip aux champignons.


8. Ne pas mettre suffisamment de temps de côté pour votre voyage

Quand on part pour son premier voyage psychédélique, il n'y a rien de tel que d'être sur-préparé. L'un des aspects les plus importants de votre planification est de vous assurer que vous mettez tout le reste de côté et que vous vous donnez suffisamment de temps pour savourer votre voyage. Après tout, un voyage de psychocybine dure entre 4 et 6 heures, vous devez donc vous assurer que les effets se dissiperont suffisamment tôt. Libérez au moins 8 heures de votre temps et, si possible, faites-le le week-end, lorsque vous ne devez pas vous présenter au travail le lendemain. Le fait de se sentir sous pression parce que vous n'avez pas assez de temps pour profiter du voyage peut déclencher des sentiments d'anxiété et de paranoïa qui ne feront que gâcher votre voyage.


9. Voyages sans intention particulière

Il n'y a rien de mal à trébucher dans un but purement récréatif, mais un voyage plein d'introspection est généralement bien meilleur. Comme l'a dit Leo Zeff, un pionnier de la thérapie psychédélique : la qualité d'un voyage n'est pas déterminée par votre expérience ce jour-là, mais par votre croissance ultérieure dans les mois qui suivent. Le fait d'avoir un but précis pour le voyage avant l'événement signifie que vous avez plus de chances de ressentir des effets psychologiques positifs à long terme que de voyager juste pour le plaisir.


10. Ne pas tirer les leçons des mauvais voyages

Bien que personne ne veuille vraiment faire un mauvais voyage, elles peuvent parfois se révéler très bénéfiques. Les mauvais voyages sont simplement le reflet de vos pires craintes et peuvent être un moyen de vous dire qu'il y a un problème émotionnel que vous devez gérer dans votre vie. Beaucoup de gens considèrent généralement les mauvais voyages comme quelque chose qu'il faut oublier, plutôt que de les considérer comme une occasion de corriger ou au moins de confronter quelque chose qui a mal tourné dans votre vie. En utilisant le bilan d'un mauvais voyage comme une période de réflexion profonde, nous pouvons transformer cette période en un moment de révélation profonde sur nous-mêmes et utiliser les leçons apprises pour améliorer le prochain voyage.


Profitez des champignons magiques livrés discrètement au Canada

Si vous souhaitez profiter au maximum des avantages incroyables que les champignons magiques peuvent vous apporter, inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui et profitez de notre large assortiment de produits à base de champignons psychédéliques de haute qualité, livrés de manière discrète et fiable.

Utiliser les champignons magiques pour s'améliorer

Utiliser les champignons magiques pour s'améliorer

Il y a toutes sortes de raisons pour lesquelles les gens utilisent des psychédéliques. Pour certains, c'est un moyen de se découvrir soi-même. Pour d'autres, c'est un moyen de communier avec la nature. Mais pour beaucoup d'autres, c'est aussi une façon de prendre du recul et de se faire des amis.

Les champignons et les psychédéliques en général peuvent être tout pour tout le monde. Ils peuvent être enivrants, vous donner des images époustouflantes ou vous emmener dans un voyage spirituel complètement transformationnel. Tout dépend de votre attitude en tant qu'utilisateur.

Une chose est sûre, si vous voulez vivre une expérience qui dépasse la simple récréation, vous devez aborder les champignons magiques avec un objectif clair et une préparation adéquate. Au-delà de l'intoxication, des formes géométriques et de la synesthésie, les champignons magiques recèlent un potentiel bien plus important que vous pouvez passer à côté si vous ne les prenez pas plus au sérieux.

Comment les champignons magiques peuvent-ils vous transformer ?

Les champignons magiques sont des catalyseurs qui peuvent initier des changements dans notre personnalité. Des recherches ont montré que les effets des champignons à psilocybine durent plus de 6 mois après un voyage à forte dose. Ils agissent comme des miroirs, vous montrant votre autre face cachée, et font remonter à la surface toutes vos batailles émotionnelles et vos insuffisances pour les examiner de plus près.

Les champignons magiques vous font vivre une libération cathartique émotionnelle, vous aidant à entrer davantage en contact avec votre subconscient. Ce faisant, ils dissolvent votre ego, vous permettant de rompre le cycle des pensées et des habitudes rigides qui vous retiennent dans la vie.

Avoir la bonne attitude envers les psychédéliques signifie avoir un esprit plus ouvert où vous encouragez un examen de conscience plus profond et le but de sortir de votre voyage spirituel une meilleure personne.

Les champignons : un voyage intentionnel

Les voyageurs occasionnels passent généralement à côté du potentiel des champignons magiques et autres psychédéliques pour transformer des vies. Que ce soit par conception ou par défaut, ils ne se préparent souvent pas suffisamment ou n'intègrent pas les leçons qu'ils en tirent dans leur vie quotidienne. En ne faisant pas ces deux choses, les utilisateurs récréatifs ne peuvent pas profiter pleinement du potentiel du voyage.

Myron Stolaroff, chercheur et auteur surtout connu pour ses travaux sur la psychothérapie psychédélique, dit ceci à propos des psychédéliques : "Leur véritable objectif est d'améliorer la croissance et le développement intérieur. Utilisés uniquement pour le plaisir, ou maltraités, le Moi intérieur est contrecarré, ce qui conduit à des expériences désagréables et à la dépression".

Si vous n'avez jamais essayé de trébucher avec une intention précise dès le départ, c'est quelque chose que vous devez prendre en considération. Comme vous le faites lorsque vous préparez un voyage, ayez un itinéraire de l'endroit où vous voulez aller, des questions que vous voulez explorer pendant le voyage. Considérez cela comme une séance thérapeutique qui ne doit pas être prise à la légère, une évaluation honnête de vous-même.

Si vous voyagez en groupe, essayez de vous réserver un peu de temps pour vous retrouver seul. Cela vous aidera à faire une introspection tranquille.

Posez-vous les questions les plus profondes concernant votre vie, des questions comme

  • Qu'est-ce qui m'empêche d'atteindre mon plein potentiel ?
  • Mon comportement est-il en accord avec mes objectifs et mes convictions ?
  • Quels sont les changements nécessaires pour améliorer ma vie ?

Prenez le temps de réfléchir à chaque question. Sentez-la et réfléchissez-y profondément. Si vous concentrez votre esprit sur ces choses pendant le voyage, vous reviendrez de l'expérience en ayant appris des choses extraordinaires sur vous-même.

Comment utiliser votre voyage pour vous améliorer

Leo Zeff, qui a été le pionnier de l'utilisation de la thérapie psychédélique, a dit que la qualité d'un voyage n'est pas déterminée par votre expérience ce jour-là, mais par votre croissance ultérieure dans les mois suivants.

Tant que nous prêtons attention aux enseignements que nous tirons de notre voyage et que nous nous engageons à appliquer les leçons apprises dans notre vie quotidienne, nos expériences psychédéliques peuvent devenir des événements qui catalysent le changement, nous aidant à atteindre le plus haut niveau de conscience de soi. L'une des meilleures façons de mesurer la qualité de votre voyage est de considérer dans quelle mesure vous en avez tiré profit.

Au cours de vos nombreux voyages psychédéliques, chaque nouvel aperçu que vous tirez de l'expérience peut servir de retour d'information et vous permettre d'aborder les questions dérangeantes une par une. Considérez cela comme une liste de choses à faire où vous continuez à éliminer les problèmes qui vous font faire un mauvais voyage.

Utiliser les mauvais voyages pour se développer

Personne ne veut faire un mauvais voyage. Mais, contrairement à ce que beaucoup de gens pensent, les mauvais voyages peuvent s'avérer très bénéfiques.

Les mauvais voyages sont simplement le reflet de vos pires craintes. Ils ont tendance à remonter à la surface dès que votre subconscient est libéré. Il va sans dire que les émotions que nous ressentons lors d'un mauvais voyage proviennent généralement d'expériences négatives non résolues que nous avons vécues dans notre vie.

Lorsque nous continuons à ignorer ces profondes préoccupations mensongères, elles se manifestent sous la forme d'une paranoïa et d'une anxiété profondes, une version amplifiée de la préoccupation elle-même. Lorsque cette préoccupation se présente sous la forme d'un mauvais trip, elle nous donne l'occasion de l'affronter et de faire quelque chose pour y remédier.

En utilisant le retour d'un mauvais voyage comme une période de réflexion profonde, nous pouvons transformer ce moment en un moment de révélation profonde sur nous-mêmes.

En réfléchissant de cette manière après chaque voyage, même les bons, vous obtiendrez des indications sur les choses que vous devez aborder dans votre vie, et le type de changements que vous devez entreprendre pour une transformation positive. Au fur et à mesure que vous ferez ces changements, vos voyages changeront aussi pour le mieux.

Ce que les champignons magiques ne peuvent pas faire pour vous

Il ne fait aucun doute que les champignons à psilocybine peuvent être très efficaces pour aider à identifier les problèmes qui se cachent derrière les comportements et les modes de pensée destructeurs. Toutefois, ils ne peuvent pas être utilisés pour s'auto-médicamenter en cas de problèmes mentaux nécessitant une aide professionnelle. Si vous souffrez d'une maladie psychologique, il est préférable de suivre une thérapie à la psilocybine dans le cadre clinique approprié, sous la supervision étroite d'un psychologue.

Les champignons ne sont pas non plus un remède thérapeutique universel pour un large éventail de problèmes de comportement. Les changements que vous subissez à la suite de voyages psychédéliques sont progressifs, et vous devez gérer vos attentes par rapport à tout changement positif de la personnalité.


Une fois que vous avez fait l'expérience des avantages d'un voyage intentionnel, assurez-vous de partager ce que vous avez vécu avec vos amis. Faites-leur savoir qu'il est bien d'utiliser les psychédéliques pour se divertir, mais que c'est beaucoup plus satisfaisant lorsque vous trébucherez dans l'intention de vous améliorer. Qui sait, vous pourriez changer leur vie pour le mieux !

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